Nearby Attractions

Canoeing on the Bug River

The picturesque Bug river flows less than 3 kilometers from Nalesia. Considered one of the best rivers to start your kayaking adventure and one of the easiest canoeing routes, the Bug River captivates with its coastline. Local kayaking organizers assure that it is an ideal way to spend free time with the whole family (the current is so gentle, that it is even suitable for childreen to practice their canoeing skills).

Horse Riding

Stable is located about 10 kilometers from the cottage. Perfect place, where it is possible for everyone to try this amazing activity. The horses are prepared to work with both children and adults at the basic level.

Rope park

Amateurs of open-space sport activities will find something for themselves in the very vicinity of Nalesie. It only takes about 10-kilometer trip reach a fantastic rope park. Both the youngest and the slightly older ones will find something for themselves: the park routes are divided into three levels of difficulty. It is designed in a way that everyone, regardless of their physical fitness, can pass all the obstacles while enjoying an amazing adventure.

Biała Wood

Biała Forest, the closest neighborhood to the Nalesie house. It is a fantastic place for both hiking and biking tours. The Biała Forest is part of the Bug Landscape Park, and a large part of it is protected under the Natura 2000 program. You can find four nature reserves here: Stawinoga, Popławy, Bartnia and Wielgolas.

Pulwy, meadow and marsh area

About 20kilometers from Nalesie, in northern Mazovia and between the Narew valley and the Biała Forest, you will find a vast meadow and swamp complex. Once a regular swamp (no to wrong with the Shrek's swamp) , today a combination of meadows with pastures, arable lands, post-pits, hunting grounds and pine groves. It is inhabitted by wild birds and a place to rest along their long journey . Here you can see geese, gold plovers, woolly buzzards, cranes, nightingales and many, many more. There is a special bird protection area called “Bagno Pulwy”.

Fishing ponds

Finally, something for fishing enthusiasts. No further than 16kilometers from Nalesie, you will find abundand of fishing ponds. An ideal place to spend time, even for those who don't have a fishing license. The 80-hectare complex of fish ponds, consist of 4 large water reservoirs with various species of fish, mostly carp, grass carp and crucian carp, but also pike, zander, catfish and perch. Entry to fishing pond complex is a subject for additional fee